fluorescent optical brightener Tinopal NFW liquid is a fluorescent optical brightener that shows

•  brilliant bluish whitening effects
•  good compatibility in a wide range of resins


chemical nature                            approx. 20 % solution of 4,4’-bis(2-sulfostyryl)-biphenyl disodium salt

CAS number                                  27344-41-8

molecular weight                          562.5 g/mo


physical form                               yellow/green liquid

typical properties                        density at 20 °C (68 °F)  ~ 1.17 g/cm³

                                                    dynamic viscosity at 20 °C  102 mPa.s


solubility at 25 °C (77 °F)          

  acetone                                               0.6 g/100 g solution
dimethyl formamide                              > 50 g/100 g solution
dioctyl adipate                                         5.8 g/100 g solution
dioxane                                                   1.4 g/100 g solution
Dowanol™1                                                       > 50 g/100 g solution
Eastman Texanol™2                                       7.8 g/100 g solution

methanol                                               > 50 g/100 g solution
water                                                     > 50 g/100 g solution


Tinopal NFW liquid is recommended for applications such as

•  water-based white and pastel-tone paints where it intensifies the
degree of whiteness
•  water-based clear coats and overprint varnishes where it is used to
mask the yellowish inherent color and also to intensify the brilliance
of white and colored base coats

If Tinopal NFW liquid is to be used in combination with a UV absorber, the absorption spectrum of the latter should leave an open window in the near UVA for the optical brightener.

Due to the intrinsic light fastness properties of optical brighteners, TinopalNFW liquid is recommended for indoor use only.